Bill Kostandas – sports management and business consultant

Expert strategic growth advice for sports industry leaders
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Bill Kostandas – sports management and business consultant

Expert strategic growth advice for sports industry leaders
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Bill Kostandas

Take your sports management to the next level

Are you a sports leader in an organisation wanting to take it to the next level?

Welcome to Sports Strategic Partners – the most trusted strategic growth advisors for sports industry leaders.

Today, the business of sports management is a dizzying combination of factors. Along with the pressure to maximise profits and remain competitive, sport is morphing into the entertainment industry. And that means competing for a share of the public’s entertainment wallet, which is in itself is a complex marketing dynamic.

So it’s no surprise that even the best business leaders find themselves unable to take a breath and rise above it all to see the bigger picture of their sporting organisation.

That’s where Bill Kostandas and his solutions-focused expertise is a game-changer.

As a business consultant, Bill collaborates with sports leaders to strategise a better route to increasing profitability, diversifying revenue streams, improving governance, and reinvigorating the sporting organisation.

Services – Sports Strategic Partners

In the ever-changing world of sports management, you can rely on Sports Strategic Partners for insights, strategy and collaboration. Bill Kostandas is passionate about his clients and loves working in one of the most dynamic industries on the global stage.

Business Planning & Sports Management

Strategic plans provide sporting organisations with direction, motives, decision-making frameworks, and insight into the competitive environment. Plus, Sports Strategic Partners factors in change and offers measurable guidelines to achieving targets.

Governance & Organisational Structure

Sports Strategic Partners can review or implement foundational governance, whether you’re an established or new sporting organisation. Taking a holistic approach, Bill Kostandas encompasses assessing the processes, standards, rules, and practices needed to balance the organisation’s economic, social, and communal goals. 

Strategy & Marketing

Bill and his team are experts across all elements of strategy and marketing for sports organisations. Together they provide the data, tools, processes and capabilities to capture how customers engage with sports to increase your market share.

Corporate Connections

Sports Strategic Partners excels at bringing sports organisations, teams and businesses (big and small) together to leverage sponsorship and marketing opportunities. Bill Kostandas works with you to reinvent business marketing opportunities while balancing financial, cultural, and community goals. Growing your business with Sports Strategic Partners is cost-effective and returns proven results.

Revenue & Cost Control

Using data, tools, and proven financial processes, Sports Strategic Partners help you plan, monitor and control revenue and costs to increase profits, along with sustainable growth.

Sports Leadership Consulting

No one is more passionate about building the sports industry and fostering the next generation than Sports Strategic Partners. Whether that means identifying young sports business leaders in the making or boosting community engagement, Bill Kostandas has the expertise to take you there.

Advisory leadership you can trust

Sports Strategic Partners


Whether consulting one to one or collaboratively with the Board, confidentiality is a given. Sports Strategic Partners understands the sensitive nature of the sports business and are experts at navigating internal politics.

Sports Strategic Partners


If there is one service that Sports Strategic Partners excel at it is collaboration.
Bill Kostandas is renowned for strengthening leadership skills while placating the Board, engaging subordinates and ensuring everyone in the organisation is pulling in the same direction. 

Sports Strategic Partners


When you engage Sports Strategic Partners, Bill doesn’t just tell what to do – he listens deeply to your issues. After which, Bill draws on his expertise to give you proven implementation strategies to follow. Plus, he’ll assist with the monitoring, measuring and evaluation of results.

Why consult with us?

No more blind spots

By identifying and addressing your organisations blinds spots, Sports Strategic Partners can improve your organisation’s bottom line and profitability.

Personal wins

Making your mark as a sports management leader while moving the organisation forward takes strategic planning. With over 20 years of industry experience, Bill Kostandas has the know-how you need.

More control

Asserting more influence, circumventing interference, and regaining control is easy with Sports Strategic Partners in your corner. From employees to the Board, Bill Kostandas is a people whisperer who defines roles and responsibilities so you excel as a leader.

Boost revenue & engagement

When generating extra revenue is your priority, Bill Kostandas is your go-to guy. Not only can he identify alternate revenue streams, but they’ll fit your organisation’s core values and excite fans.

Get Your Complimentary Consultation

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Discover solutions to the problems holding back your organisation.


Discover what others think.

“I have known Bill for many years and have worked alongside him in sports administration. We have shared many discussions on the current state of sports and the challenges for those who drive its future.”

Alex Tobin

Technical Director & Coach, former Socceroo (87 Caps)

“Bill has been involved in sport for many years and has a great insight into sports administration and football generally. He is a genuine guy with a talented ability to share his wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Ann-Marie Ballina

Managing Director, Football South Coast

“Experience is irreplaceable in any field, and it’s something Bill has in bucket loads. His willingness to teach and help, along with his appealing nature, makes the journey a pleasure, not a chore.”

Glen Overton

Former Chairman & Director, Blacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association

“Bill was inspirational in getting Gove Soccer Club recognised within the FFNT, as it seemed we were too far away to be bothered with. This was instrumental in us getting more kids playing soccer. Bill also simplified our administrative requirement with FFNT, and his organised approach and support assisted all club committee members immensely and will like a breath of fresh air.”

Allan Fullard

Former President and Coach, Gove Soccer Club

 “I was incredibly impressed with his [Bill’s] vision and thought behind strategic ideas and his dedication to delivering outcomes that benefited both the football clubs and Football NSW. These strategic initiatives resulted in great returns on investment for the business from a profitability and membership perspective.”

Luke Cevolani

Former Competitions Manager, Football NSW

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bill for some time now, and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have found him to have a deep understanding of leadership and how important a good leader is to any organisation. Bill practices what he preaches and is an excellent leader.”

George Quinn

Financial Advisor, Volunteer Club Committee Member



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Kick'n Goals & Growing Strategically!

Kick goals with your sports management skills

When it’s your job to increase sports revenue, introduce new profitable lines of business, expand reach and gain market share – consult Bill Kostandas.

In Bill’s game-changing book, you’ll discover how to:

  • identify blinds spots in your sports organisation
  • generate additional revenue streams
  • increase audience engagement
  • develop and implement growth strategies
  • engage new audiences
  • master digital-savvy sports marketing
  • enhance your governance framework
  • excel as a sports business leader.

Discover a lifetime’s worth of successful sports business strategies FREE in one easy-to-read book.

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