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For Business Leaders In The Sports Industry Who Are Responsible For The Profitability And Growth Of Their Organisation

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You’re probably a business leader in a sports organisation whose role is to help grow the business. That can include everything from improving participation to increasing membership through to expanding the profile or maybe even securing more funds from the government.

As you probably know, the sports industry is a unique one, in that your product is everything wrapped around your team and brand.

But in this day and age of disruption and the sports industry morphing into the entertainment industry, new challenges are creating headwinds which slow the growth of many sports organisations.

In this groundbreaking book for sports industry leaders, you’ll discover:

  • How to generate additional revenue streams
  • Ways to increase your digital offering
  • Strategies for increasing your value proposition
  • How (and when) to develop and implement growth strategies
  • How to maximise your core values and deliver value for money
Bill Kostandas is The Most Trusted Strategic Growth Advisor For The Sports Industry. For many years now, Bill has been enabling organisations to substantially increase revenue, introduce profitable new lines of business, expand their reach, increase their market penetration and improve their profitability in highly challenging environments.

As sports fans, we’re familiar with the passion associated with supporting successful teams, participating in healthy sportsmanship and enjoying the community feel of a valued local organisation. Thus, the sports industry is like no other; capturing and holding the enthusiasm of your market is a necessity.

Many organisations find the encroachment of entertainment industry challenging; however, this does not have to be an impediment to sustainable growth.

“Being involved as a volunteer from Board Chairman to general committee over 30 years has taught me many lessons about life, people and the business of sports.

Bill has been a positive influence and a friend, someone that I’ve learnt a lot from in a relatively short period. Knowing what I know now, having met Bill and reading material like this as a fresh-face volunteer would have made the job much easier.

Experience is irreplaceable in any field and it’s something Bill has in bucket loads. His willingness to teach and help, along with his appealing nature, makes the journey a pleasure, not a chore. I would recommend everyone take advantage of this great resource.” Glen Overton

Former Chairman & Director, Blacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association

“I worked with Bill as competitions administrator at Football NSW for two years and have known him personally for nine years. In my time working with him, I observed him to be a person of great character with strong morals and an ability to stand firm on decisions against strong political pressure.

I was incredibly impressed with his vision and thought behind strategic ideas and his dedication to deliver outcomes that benefited both the football clubs and Football NSW. These strategic initiatives resulted in great returns on investment for the business from a profitability and membership perspective. Bill’s enthusiasm in the office was also infectious, which improved morale and fostered an overall positive working environment, which allowed the team to find creative and innovative solutions.

Personally, Bill took the time to understand me and regularly asked about my life outside of work. He was always willing to provide advice or mentoring based on his own life experiences in times of uncertainty. Most importantly, he reminded me to back myself when challenge arose in any aspect of my life.

Bill’s knowledge and expertise in sport and business are second to none, and I recommend reading his book as it gives leaders of all levels valuable knowledge and insight into organisation growth, profitably and change so they can differentiate and stay ahead of the curve.” Luke Cevolani

Former Competitions Manager, Football NSW

“I first met Bill in 2009, when he took the position of Chief Executive of Football Federation Northern Territory (FFNT). He was inspirational in getting Gove Soccer Club recognised within FFNT, as it seemed like we were too far away to be bothered with.

The transformation started with coaching clinics in Gove, which really lifted the soccer community. This was also instrumental in us getting more kids playing soccer with a high of 255 players. Bill also simplified our administrative requirements with FFNT, and his organised approach and support assisted all club committee members immensely and was like a breath of fresh air.

Bill also assisted and supported me with a successful $12,000 grant application to Football Australia for a fence for our club rooms. In addition, he nominated me for volunteer of the year for FFNT as President and Coach and supported me in the national awards in Sydney.

Finally, I am sure the reader will find this book a great resource and pick up many key learnings. It is written in a pragmatic way, without complication, and solely for the purposes of delivering benefits to the reader.” Alan Fullard

Former President and Coach, Gove Soccer Club

“Bill is an experienced sports administrator and CEO with a sense of what is important, whose insights make him incredibly strong in the areas of people, relationships, work and tasks. He also has a balanced approach to work, which is a good example for others who he works with.

Bill’s book is great and an easy read. He has managed to address many potential problem areas for organisations, especially those surrounding difficult people and situations. He understands the world of politics in the sporting club arena in a way that few do.” Dan Kirkwood

Director for 20 years of a sporting club

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bill for some time now, and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have found him to have a deep understanding of leadership and how important a good leader is to any organisation. Bill practises what he preaches and is an excellent leader.

Through this book, Bill provides the reader with some key insights and observations about sports organisations and what it takes to lead them successfully. Readers will definitely derive benefit from this great resource.” George Quinn

Financial Advisor, Solicitor, Volunteer Club Committee Member

“Bill has been involved in sport for many years and has great insight into sports administration and football generally. He is a genuine guy with a talented ability to share his wealth of knowledge and experience. I am sure many organisations and leaders will benefit from this book.” Ann-Marie Balliana

Managing Director, Football South Coast

“I have known Bill for many years and have worked alongside him in sports administration. We have shared many discussions on the current state of sport and the challenges for those who drive its future. This is a must-read book from a passionate sports leader with a variety of experiences in the industry. Bill has always been forward-thinking in terms of strategy and growth.” Alex Tobin

Technical Director & Coach, former Socceroo (87 Caps)

“I have been involved in sport as a volunteer for 30 years – from team manager and coach to Club President through to an Association Secretary and Board member, to name a few roles. Over the course of that time, I have met many good people, one being Bill Kostandas.

Bill was the first CEO of Macarthur Football, and the skills and work ethic he brought to the role and Macarthur Football were of a high standard.

Bill has now put together a book that caters to all levels of sport. It is written to help business leaders with their endeavours in running a sports organisation. I thoroughly recommend this great resource, written by a person that thoroughly understands sport: its structures, its business, its people, and its value to the community. And it definitely makes the job of running a sports club much easier.” Steve Goodwin

Macarthur Football – Life Member, Director, Committee Representative

“Sports Administration is full of well-meaning, hardworking people with good intentions. The professionals are few and far between.

Bill Kostandas is the consummate professional whose pedigree speaks for itself.

I worked alongside Bill at Football NSW, one of the biggest sporting organisation in Australia, and with it came many challenges and frustrations. In addition to his great experience and knowledge, he provided a much-appreciated sense of humour during stressful situations.

Bill is unique in that his skill set covers both the sporting and business areas–a must in today’s world where sport has become a business with a bottom line. He is the complete package, with all the essential elements needed to lead any sporting group or business organisation.” Tony Peters

Experienced Media, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager

I am a huge sports fan, and I believe in the importance of sport both as a participant and as a fan.

Sports teams occupy a special place in the community. They offer the opportunity for people to come together and enjoy playing or watching their favourite pastimes. They encourage positive social interactions and help people develop principles of fair play, motivation, discipline, hard work and reward.

This deep belief that sport is a terrific way to improve our lives and communities is what inspired me to choose a career in the sports industry.

In this game-changing book, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your strategic growth plan “off the bench” and getting the attention it deserves
  • Methods for keeping politics out of the mix so competent leaders can add the value they’re being paid for
  • When and how to capitalise on media expansion into multiple channels
  • The best ways to avoid nepotism (hiring people who are the wrong fit or aren’t properly skilled for their job)
  • How to determine when you really do need any outside expert advice