About Bill

Bill Kostandas is The Most Trusted Strategic Growth Advisor For The Sports Industry. For many years now, Bill has been enabling organisations to substantially increase revenue, introduce profitable new lines of business, expand their reach, increase their market penetration and improve their profitability in highly challenging environments.

As sports fans, we’re familiar with the passion associated with supporting successful teams, participating in healthy sportsmanship and enjoying the community feel of a valued local organisation. This makes the sports industry is a unique one, in that your product is everything wrapped around your team and brand.

In a day and age of disruption and the sports industry morphing into the entertainment industry however, new challenges are creating headwinds slowing the growth of many sports organisation.

Your mission must be one of helping your organisation to grow profitability, differentiate and stay ahead of the curve in the industry. Still, there are blind spots you need to be aware to ensure your organisation is on the right path for long term sustainability.

Many in the sports industry find that they’re so focused on their core business that they have tremendous difficulty creating additional revenue streams without compromising their main business model. Although this is common, it is important that business owners and managers know from whence this originates and the implications if matters like these are not addressed.

Bill Kostandas has made it his mission to help business leaders in the Sports industry grow their businesses profitably, continue to differentiate and stay ahead of the game!