Sports Business Management Services

Bill Kostandas – expert strategic growth advisor for sports industry leaders
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Sports Business Management Services

Bill Kostandas – expert strategic growth advisor for sports industry leaders
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Kick more sports business goals

Kick more sports business goals

With 20 years experience as a sports business management consultant and administrator, Bill Kostandas knows how to kick sports industry goals on and off the field.

As a seasoned advisor, speaker, and mentor, Bill specialises in helping organisations to increase revenue, diversify business streams, increase market penetration and improve profitability.

Sports Business Management Services

No leader builds a sporting empire alone—no matter how talented or well-liked. Every organisation needs a business game plan to grow.

Strategy and Business Planning

Creating a champion team on the field is paramount, but so too is creating a winning business model off the field. Otherwise, it’s like sitting in the spectator seats expecting to influence players on the field and the game’s outcome.

Drawing on his years of experience working as a sports business management consultant, Bill can identify the right direction your organisation, executive team and Board need to head.

What’s more, Bill’s strategic business planning process can fuel long-term success by bolstering key business areas like:

  • focus and direction
  • operational efficiency
  • profitability
  • enhancing entertainment competitiveness
  • employee morale
  • stability and longevity.

Marketing Planning

Whether it’s a mega-event like an AFL match or a community football game, every sports-focused business needs a marketing game plan to win fans and increase revenue. Without one, you’re wasting money on trial and error advertising.

Bill Kostandas takes the guesswork out of marketing by providing a strategic plan with measurable outcomes.

Ultimately you can rely on Bill’s marketing expertise for:

  • modernising your existing marketing plan
  • devising a new marketing plan
  • developing your target audience
  • positioning your sporting brand
  • creating partnerships
  • research and analysis
  • selecting distribution channels
  • planning specific events
  • measuring, reviewing and revising outcomes.

Making Governance Work

Are members of your organisation pulling in different directions? Is profitability suffering as a result? Or maybe organisational procedures are chaotic.

One of the best solutions is to introduce a robust leadership framework by improving governance.

By providing practical governance fixes, Bill assists Boards, Chief Executive Officers, and Managers to:

  • Develop, implement and maintain a robust system of governance that fits the circumstances of their sports organisation
  • Establish a self-regulatory framework
  • Implement and streamline procedural mechanisms
  • Ensure compliance
  • Boost and maintain cultural values.

Plus, Bill helps you gain control, measure, and regulate your organisation’s political and financial health by using proven reporting and performance benchmark processes.

Revenue and Cost Control

When it’s your job to increase revenue to improve the bottom line, resorting to cost-cutting is not the only answer.

Often, new revenue opportunities are present within your organisation’s existing structure, but it takes an experienced outsider to identify them.

By engaging Bill as your sports business management consultant, he’ll collaborate with you to:

  • strengthen existing revenue channels
  • grow new revenue channels
  • review price structures
  • analyse your subscriber/fan base
  • identify emerging industry trends
  • monitor sports customer trends
  • evaluate competitor strategies.

“Even the most successful sports organisations regularly monitor and revisit their revenue strategies to align them with changing trends,” says Bill.

Organisational / Operational Structure

Bill says, “Sporting organisations that maintain a competitive business advantage systematically undertake an organisation review to assess their overall financial health.”

That’s why Bill specialises in the diagnosis, development and design of sporting organisations concerning:

  • financial performance
  • capabilities
  • opportunities

Engage BilI’s consultancy services to develop the values, structure, and culture that ultimately leads to financial longevity. 

Sponsorship planning

Sponsors and partners are invaluable to your organisation. After all, the right pairing stands to deliver long-term sustainable revenue and propel your brand.

However, to develop sustainable revenue from corporate sponsors, you need the right strategy and a business development team equipped with the skills, tools, techniques and attitude to sponsors in the game.

Working with Bill on sponsorship planning brings many benefits, including:

  • strategies to secure and retain corporate partners and sponsors
  • insight on the value your organisation offers a corporate partner
  • training your team on securing first meetings
  • upskilling your team on the art of business conversations and conversion
  • techniques to deal with demanding corporate partners
  • methods to increase sponsorship renewal rates.

Big league or grassroots, Bill’s leadership delivers precise, robust and repeatable processes for attracting and retaining sponsors.

Core Values

There is no question that core values build your organisation’s brand and culture.

In other words, core values give your organisation a moral code; a bedrock of understanding and guiding principles that everyone respects and follows.

Failure to identify and promote your core values is planning to fail.

With over 20 years experience as a sports industry consultant, Bill can help you clarify your organisation core values and bring them to the forefront. The many benefits include:

  • attracting new hires that are a good fit with your organisation
  • fostering effort and commitment at all levels
  • propagating a positive attitude among all employees
  • building resilience at all levels
  • cultivating teamwork
  • creating a sense of workplace enjoyment.

 Strengthen your position as a business leader by reinstating core values with Bill’s goalkicking advice.

Independent Board Advice

“Rarely have I met a sports business leader who, at some point, hasn’t been frustrated by their Board—it goes with the territory,” says Bill.  “Yet, it should be the exception, not the rule.”

Just as the Board can be a manager’s biggest ally, individual members can just as easily be their undoing. So, the best approach is to see the Board as a strategic asset, not a liability to be avoided.

As an independent sports business management consultant, Bill can show you the best ways to circumvent the many political issues in sports management.

Crucial to Bill’s unique advisory methods are:

  • delineating roles and responsibilities
  • ring-fencing elements of the business to stop any overreach
  • future-proofing the organisation.

Consolidate your position as a business leader with independent advice.

Leadership Mentoring

When it’s inappropriate to ask subordinates or Board members for advice or support, whom do you turn to?

Engaging Bill Kostandas is like having a knowledgeable and highly experienced sports business partner in your corner. One who knows how to kick goals for your career while assisting you to grow a successful sporting brand. 

Bill’s strengthens your leadership by giving you the space, time and the skills to: 

  • recognise and upskill staff displaying core values
  • inspire everyone, from employees to the Board, to pull in the same direction
  • foster integrity, loyalty, commitment, resilience, teamwork, respect, courage, and ethics
  • set the standards and expectations for performance.

 As a business leader, you can’t master everything, and even if you could, you don’t have time. So reach out and get expert advice from Bill. 

Additional Services

Get your organisation where it needs to be by thinking outside the square.

Engage Bill Kostandas expertise to help with:

  • sourcing new funding
  • strategic employee hire plans
  • boosting visibility and connection to community
  • enhancing business skills
  • reviewing your organisation’s financial and operational performance
  • managing organisational change
  • navigating confusing government regulations

You’ll discover Bill’s collaborative style is like having a knowledgeable and highly experienced business partner in your corner.

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Discuss strategy, identify blind spots, investigate new revenue streams, boost profitability and growth.

Talking to Bill is like having a trusted business partner in your corner.

Leverage off 20 years of sports management experience and start kicking business goals today.

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