Sports Management Consulting

Bill Kostandas – expert strategic growth advisor for sports industry leaders
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Sports Management Consulting

Bill Kostandas – expert strategic growth advisor for sports industry leaders
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Management consulting with proven results

For the best sports management consulting, there is only one name to remember – Bill Kostandas.

Bill specialises in growing profits and resolving pressing strategic business challenges regardless of whether you’re a national, state or grassroots sports organisation.

With over 20 years of experience, Bill brings a wealth of insights and expertise for you to draw on.

  • Get a clear and unbias perspective on your sports organisation
  • Gain clarity concerning your organisation’s vision, objectives and goals
  • Gather deep insights into the sports entertainment dynamic
  • Learn new methods to limit politics so competent employees can add value to your
  • Discover improved cost reduction and profit-making measures to ensure financial
  • Access invaluable business experience, tools and resources
  • Receive customised results and solutions to help you kick goals for your organisation
    and your sports management career.
Management consulting with proven results

6 Sports Management Blind Spots

Stay ahead of the game. Find and fix blind spots like these.

No strategic plan

Is your strategic plan sitting on the shelf?

Managing an organisation without an up-to-date business plan is like sitting in the spectator seats expecting to influences the outcome of the game.

Create a clear and profitable road ahead with advice from Bill Kostandas.

Internal politics

From employees to the Board, is everyone pulling in the same direction?

When key individuals are running personal agendas at the organisation’s expense, the bottom line suffers.

Regain control and keep everyone onside with Bill Kostandas’ consultancy advice.

Lack of Governance

Are key individuals overreaching and impacting negatively on operations?

The fracturing of authority and processes undermines growth. Ensuring robust governance is the perfect way to create clearly defined roles while implementing operational that keeps everyone happy.

Boost morale while streamlining processes and procedures with Bill Kostandas’ easy Governance hacks.

Misdirected priorities

Have key individuals lost sight of the big picture and causing an imbalance in growth and revenue?

In the race to create additional revenue, priorities often get skewed. Consequently, the core business suffers and income drops, thus further compounding cash-flow issues.

Learn Bill Kostandas’ methods for taming strong personalities and resetting priorities.

No entertainment value

Do all key decision-makers see the benefits of competing for a share of the ‘entertainment’ wallet?

The key to long-term sustainability is to convince old-school thinkers to invest in new technology, social media, and digital marketing to engage sponsors, players, members, and spectators.

Use Bill’s data-driven approach to prove that promoting the entertainment value of your organisation will boost revenue.

Insular thinking

Does the organisation need an injection of fresh insight and thought leadership?

Sometimes, an independent advisor backed by data-driven results needs to drive change that leads to growth and profitability.

Create a platform for change by introducing Bill Kostandas as a fresh face and the voice of experience.

Discover the 10 most common management blind spots in ‘Kicking Goals & Growing Strategically’.

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Brilliant at solving sports business challenges

Golf Memberships

Problem: Membership for a public golf club was in decline.

In addition, the Club’s green fee player numbers were dwindling fast.

So the Chairman contacted Bill Kostandas for help.

Solution: Bill ran a critical analysis of the club’s revenue generation and business models looking for blind spots. Four main areas needed addressing:

  • marketing planning
  • communications
  • membership
  • golf

Success: Creating a strategic plan and implementing changes in each of these areas lead to:

  • membership increasing by 15%
  • interest from junior and female players increasing by 20%
  • sale of food and beverage profits increasing by 8%
  • hosting of a PGA Pro-Am event
  • winning the PGA Pro-Am Event of the year.
Golf Memberships

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Problem: Board members overreaching and undermining the CEO

While the board members’ intentions from Football Club X weren’t malicious, their meddling in the operational procedures began impacting the bottom line and undermining the CEO’s authority.

Solution: Bill revisited the organisation’s governance framework, defining job descriptions for each Board member and the CEO. Plus, he introduced clear decision-making pathways for all levels.

Success: By listening to various points of view and mediating solutions, Bill was able to:

  • boost the CEO’s authority
  • curb disruptive internal politics
  • give all stakeholders a sense of purpose and achievement
  • streamline operational processes
  • enable decision making for the good of the organisation.
Supporting Sports CEO
Problem: Fantastic CEO but lacking sports industry experience

Shortly after being appointed to a prominent football club, CEO James (not his real name) discovered his corporate experience hadn’t prepared him for the intricacies and nuances of running a sports organisation. James found himself struggling with:

  • volunteer management
  • negotiating with emotionally involved Board members
  • overseeing multiple bottom lines
  • competing for the sports entertainment wallet
  • managing multidisciplinary stakeholders and constituents
  • defusing irate supporters.

Solution: Engaged as a mentor, Bill fast-tracked James’s learning to bring his sports management skills up to speed. Next, taking a collaborative approach, Bill conducted an independent examination of the business for James.

Success: By supporting James as the CEO and fast-tracking his sports management skill set, Bill:

  • reaffirmed James as a good hire
  • improved on-field results, thereby increasing spectators by 10%
  • boosted membership by 16%
  • raised sponsorship by 11%
  • implemented a strategic plan to grow profits.

Consult the best

Devise the best sports business plans, get strategic solutions, and boost profitability and growth with Bill Kostandas.

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How management consulting works



Contact Bill
First, contact either by email, phone, or request a free copy of ‘Kick’n Goals & Growing Strategically’.

All enquiries are confidential.



Confirming the connection
Next, Bill connects with you to check you received the book and or briefly chat about the sports business and management challenges you face.


Complimentary consult
After that, Bill organises a convenient time for a complimentary consult. The aim is to discuss the challenges you face in detail, determine possible solutions, and prioritise a consultancy plan.


Diagnostics and discovery
You formally engage Bill’s services in a three-monthly block, but there is no lock-in contract. Bill completes an independent examination of your business challenges in a structured format. Plus, he highlights potential solutions and implementation strategies.


Road map to the future
To save money when playing the long game, Bill provides his advisory services in 12-monthly blocks. In this time frame, he maps out a path for the present and future, collaborates with you to implement changes, measures and evaluates changes, and ensures revenue targets are on track.


More options
Bill’s expertise is not solely about strategic business planning, boosting sports management, creating dynamic marketing or increasing revenue. Sports business leaders also engage Bill to help consolidate their roles and kick goals for their organisations.
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