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Sports Book

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What is a good sports book to read?  

Kick’n Goals & Growing Strategically by Bill Kostandas     

A must-read for any business leader in the sports industry

One of the Best business sports books

Sports books written by industry experts are a safe bet when it’s inappropriate to seek counsel from subordinates or the board. But not all sports books are equal.

With over 20 years experience in the sports industry, there isn’t an administration or business challenge author, Bill Kostandas, hasn’t tackled.

Reading ‘Kick’n Goals & Growing Strategically’ is like having a sports business expert in your corner sharing a wealth of practical insights, including:

  • identifying blinds spots in your sports organisation
  • generating additional revenue streams
  • increasing audience engagement
  • developing and implementing growth strategies
  • engaging new audiences
  • mastering digital-savvy sports marketing
  • kicking goals with the Board
  • excelling as a sports business leader.

Well written and easy to read, you’ll finish this sports book in next to no time.

But best of all, ‘Kick’n Goals & Growing Strategically’ is FREE.

Kick'n Goals & Growing Strategically!

“This is a must-read book from a passionate sports leader with a variety of experiences in the industry. Bill has always been forward-thinking in terms of strategy and growth.” 

Alex Tobin
Technical Director & Coach
Former Socceroo (87 Caps)

‘Kick’n Goals & Growing Strategically’ by Bill Kostandas


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What readers think

“Bill has now written a book that caters to all levels of sports. It is written to help business leaders with their endeavours in running a sports organisation. I thoroughly recommend this great resource, written by a person that thoroughly understands sport: its structures, its people, and its value to the community. “

Steve Goodwin
Macarthur Football, Life Member, Director,
Committee Representative

“Bill is unique in that his skill set covers both the sporting and business areas-a must in today’s world where sports has become a business with a bottom line. He is the complete package, with all the essential elements needed to lead any sporting group or business organisation.”


Tony Peters
Experience Media, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager

“I am sure the reader will find this book great resource and pick up many key learnings. It is written in a pragmatic way, without complication, and solely for the purposes of delivering benefits for the reader.”

Alan Fullard
Former President and Coach, Gove Soccer Club

“This book is a great and easy read. Bill has managed to address many potential problem areas for organisations, especially those surrounding difficult people and situations. He understands the world of politics in the sporting club arena in a way that few do.”

Dan Kirkwood
Director for 20 years of a sporting club

Bill Kostandas

Why is my book free?

“Besides the importance of building a profitable business off the field, sports organisations occupy a special place in the community. They bring people together to play or watch their favourite sport. And in doing so, encourage positive social interactions. This, in turn, helps people develop the principles of fair play, motivation, discipline, hard work and reward. All of which strengthens the social and financial integrity of a community.

This deep belief that sports are a terrific way to improve our lives and communities inspired me to choose a career in the sports industry.

So by giving away free copies of my book, ‘Kick’n Goals & Growing Strategically’, I’m making a positive contribution to the industry by ensuring sports remain sustainable and continue to produce well-adjusted people…”

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