Many of us have experienced losing our self-respect and the effort it takes trying to rebuild ourselves. We question our purpose and our skillset and often feel we have let down our loved ones.  I won’t bore you with my lot, but my last couple of years haven’t been great on a professional basis, so I know what this is like.

Looking for permanent or contract employment is tough. The excitement of putting in an application for a role that you think is right up your alley is quickly turned into despair and sometimes even anger when you get knocked back.  The same goes when you try and source new business.

The self-doubt kicks in whilst at the same time your self-respect takes a hit. When you do receive feedback, it can often be responses like, “You are over-qualified,” “You lack industry background,” (aren’t skills transferable?), “You have lots of great experience, but…” The list goes on!

You read up books trying to enhance your skills, read Facebook advertisements on how you can grow your business or be a guru, receive advice on networking and how to market yourself—not to mention the stress of it all and the mounting debt.

What I’ve learned is that you have to be yourself. Create and use your marketing. Don’t be afraid to speak and act from the heart! We create our own backyards to a degree, so get out there and be you!