In a previous blog, I wrote about how sports organisations need to focus on alternative/new revenue streams for future sustainability.  Solid relationships with all levels of government are also important for future growth and sustainability of sports and sports organisations.

Having close ties with government can prove fruitful for sports and their affiliated organisations. They can use their sport to foster their relationship with government, as government wants to be viewed as being community-minded and sport offers diversity and community engagement. Funding from government can go towards facility improvements, equipment purchases or establishing programs—the list is endless.

Some sports organisations in Australia employ a person (or persons) to manage their relationship with government. They see the relationships as a way to secure funding for their organisation and also for their affiliated stakeholders—a key pillar in the strategic plan. Some volunteer sporting groups have also implemented a position on their committee dedicated to this important relationship.

Don’t forget politicians need your vote and in return they could help your sport!