Many sports organisations have a database that contains customer information, but they don’t use this information to kick some winning goals. Even though there are privacy implications regarding the sharing of people’s information, you can use some demographic data such as age, residential suburb, gender, or occupation to build a compelling case for support from current and prospective sponsors.

Companies are always looking at various ways to get their products and services front-of-mind to their target market. Sport is a great vehicle to do this, both for brand recognition and sales growth. Many sports organisations have a great amount of data, and some are partnering with customer data specialists to produce quick and accurate dashboards of information which they can take to sponsors and discuss the potential for reaching a target group.

Many community-based sporting clubs don’t have access to a data analytics specialist due to funding constraints; however, there is a big chance that their governing body will. Both parties working together hand-in-glove could potentially provide more sponsorship dollars.

And what about taking this information to government to convince them of investing in facility improvements or a new facility?

The bottom line is, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!