There is a distinct lack of governance in some sport organisations. They have no governance framework or policy in place.

A lack of governance creates issues with board members not knowing their roles and then interfering too much in the operational side of the organisation. Poor decisions are made through a lack of governance, which leads to organisational objectives not being met.

There is also a clear lack of transparency, with people focused on their own individual agendas so risk management is not a priority.

These organisations need to develop and implement a solid governance framework or policy that articulates the accountability and transparency expected of the board, officials and staff. The framework should include, but not be limited to, the following items:

  • Code of conduct
  • Responsibilities and expectations
  • Decision making process
  • Ethics & integrity
  • Financial management processes and transparency
  • Risk management policy
  • People management
  • Communication protocols

This will result in board, officials and staff understanding and knowing their roles, responsibilities and expectations. Legislation will be adhered to, and there is a high likelihood that the organisational objectives will be met — or at least be headed in the right direction for achieving their targets/goals.

The most successful sport organisations tend to have good governance in place, so make sure your organisation is stepping up to the plate!